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Facebragger (n) - One who uses Facebook as a platform to brag. Normally about a job, intern-ship, trip, purchase or anything else that nobody really needs to know but they like to tell everyone because they're awesome.
These are all taken from peoples 'status' on facebook. Otherwise known as a 'facebragger'

"My new jeans look damn good.....rocking them tonight with some new Armarni! =)"

"Weight lifting @ 5, personal training @ 7, then off to the cactus @ 10 wearing the Dolce & Gabbana"

"I lost 17kg this week! guess thats the upside to a break-up"

"off to Hawaii for 3 weeks"

"Soooooooooo f!@#$!* stoked!!! my parents just bought me a new Mercedes!!!!!!"

"banged 6 different chicks in 24 hours! and I didn't have to pay for any of them! :)"
by AMPBCSVD December 16, 2009
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when someone makes there profile picture a model shot or shirtless(for guys) so that people will tell them how amazing they look in it.
Girl: "wow have you seen that kid, Ryan? His shirtless in his facebook profile picture, what a facebragger."
by mhmmmmmmm123456789 September 19, 2009
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