v. being fired for something you post on facebook
Damns, I just got facebook fired!
by Ben Ril January 24, 2007
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Posting or commenting on Facebook with the intention of starting a written altercation.
"I just read that they found DNA that shows Jesus was black."

You're starting a Facebook Fire.
by Dey-ron June 22, 2014
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Fired from your job due to spending too much of the company's time on Facebook instead of actual work.
I thought Mary was always busy in her cubicle, but then I learned she was Facebook Fired.
by LearningTheRopes October 4, 2009
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When you have a facebook account and someone, usually a signifcant other, or someone that wants to be held in a higher postion in your pecking order feels the need to post, like, or make comments on your facebook page constantly in order to "mark their territory".

Akin to a dog "marking his/her territory" like a fire hydrant with urine.
Dennis: "I hung out with Shannon the other weekend and we had a good time."

Dennis: "But, she's left several comments and posts on my facebook page since then, it's kind of annoying."

Jeremy: "Archetypal facebook fire hydrant my friend..."
by Timothy Wizard Tebow December 16, 2011
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