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1. A word defining a particular masturbation act conducted by a male. It is the action of lying on ones back with the hips high in the air while masturbating and during the climax, directs the penis vertically and shoots his ejaculate up and over into or on his own rectum.

2. An adjective describing a pathetic person.

2. Describing something as "fucked"
And in the depths of his despair, in his final hour, he performed a glorious facaca to help relieve some stress before taking the BAR exam.
by predator55 November 30, 2016
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fa┬Ě (northeastern USA american-italian slang)

1. An old, decrepit, person or younger person who thinks like an old, decrepit person. A close minded person, set in their way and not open to new generational ideas or things fogey, old fart
Vinny: "Mom! Why is the music in this department store so boring sounding?"

Mom: "Because if they play the kind of music you like the facacas will complain."
by Judy B December 30, 2007
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