1347 5p34k version of "Fool"
one who is foolish or has foolish tendancies.
by Crackity Jones June 30, 2002
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13375p34k(leetspeak) for 'fool' 'chump' or 'one who has been roxored' used in Online gaming and by leetspeakers everywhere.
I just g4nk3d that f00!
by Jabuwa-ku December 14, 2003
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I pity da f00 who doesn't dial collect
by MonJoe May 16, 2003
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In programming, F00 is what you call a variable with a vague name in which you store a color.
#F00 is the color code for bright red in simplified rgb hex. Foo is a variable name chosen by lazy programmers who can't come up with better variable names.
Plural: f00s
Verb: f00ing
Person 1: I just made this javascript code:

var meh = "#FFF";
var iCantThinkOfWhatToNameThis = "#BADA55";
var F00 = "#F00";
var bar = "#123456";
Person 2: Stop f00ing your code up with so many f00s.
by Potatoes! June 14, 2014
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Derived from computer music (tracker) code. The "f" represents speed and "00" means that the song (actually pattern) stops.
So basically there's also my redefinintion for the rock band Foo Fighters... I don't think they're "fighting the fools", but rather "fighting to keep the music playing" or something in that direction ;)
bahrg i dont have one,just let me post this shit
by jallah February 11, 2005
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Man, did you peep that f00 trying to gank my wallet?
by Sloppy White February 14, 2003
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