to fuck the tits of a prefferably large breasted woman
"I want to f the t's" said Johnny.
"Not possible" replied his underdeveloped girlfriend Suzy.
by mattiaspeeas September 22, 2006
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For Sale or Trade

Used very commonly in the paintball community to advertise items on the internet one would like to either sell or trade.
***'06 Ego with Virtue Board F/S/T***
by Crazydriver84 December 1, 2006
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Stands for Frozen/Thawed. Used in the animal world to describe frozen, pre-killed food(usually rodents), which is then thawed and given to the animal.
I usually feed my snake F/T.
by Organized-Oddity September 2, 2007
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shorthand abbreviation for "full-time"
I really like visiting South Carolina, but there's no way I could live there f/t.
by zwordsmith January 25, 2011
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Person 1 : They want us to pay for the bottle.
Person 2 : F T (fuck that)!
by theywantme13 February 4, 2010
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Face, tits and ass:
Linked to t and a, used to describe a female
Nice fta
Nice f, t and a.
by Ed Gill February 21, 2004
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it is an acronym for: 'Nother Afternoon Fucking That Ass
Jack:"Jill are you ready for N A F T A?"
Jill: "What's that?"
Jack:'Nother afternoon fuckin that ass!
by aliak December 28, 2007
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