to fuck the tits of a prefferably large breasted woman
"I want to f the t's" said Johnny.
"Not possible" replied his underdeveloped girlfriend Suzy.
by mattiaspeeas September 22, 2006
For Sale or Trade

Used very commonly in the paintball community to advertise items on the internet one would like to either sell or trade.
***'06 Ego with Virtue Board F/S/T***
by Crazydriver84 December 1, 2006
Stands for Frozen/Thawed. Used in the animal world to describe frozen, pre-killed food(usually rodents), which is then thawed and given to the animal.
I usually feed my snake F/T.
by Organized-Oddity September 2, 2007
shorthand abbreviation for "full-time"
I really like visiting South Carolina, but there's no way I could live there f/t.
by zwordsmith January 25, 2011
Person 1 : They want us to pay for the bottle.
Person 2 : F T (fuck that)!
by theywantme13 February 4, 2010
Face, tits and ass:
Linked to t and a, used to describe a female
Nice fta
Nice f, t and a.
by Ed Gill February 21, 2004
A F@T James is a alcoholic beverage consisting of Wkd blue, Smirnoff ice, and classy west coast cooler Rose in the Perfect concoction by either "the" Conor Macken or his main man Jonesy.
This desired cocktail is dates back to "early on in the Night" where the Inventor (James) wanted a more modern take and up class the "Fat Frog".

This drink is normally ordered in four pint glasses, and drank two at a time.
by I have no idea what I'm doing February 24, 2015