when someone stares at you and it gets really annoying
Is she still staring at me?

Yeah, she's eye balling you
by liltats May 15, 2008
A creature that has big eyes and long lips... mainly found in forests...
Me: Oh shit waddup big eye ball!
big eye ball: Yeah its me!
by Extonix October 12, 2017
when the table of which you are playing beer pong is wet making a cup drift away from the others
andrew doherty; "fuck i just got another doherty's eye ball"
by skyla hoffmi March 14, 2008
Guy one"My eye ball is moist"
Guy two "ok?"
by Dead Rad November 26, 2020
instead of blue balls when someone jerks you around and you can't quite have an orgasm, "blue EYE balls" come from when someone jerks you around each night when you are trying to fall asleep. just as you are about to drift away into lala land, you are rudely awoken, time after time--with each incident of blue eye ball making you grouchier and grouchier.
My spouse gives me blue eye balls every fucking night when I am trying to get to sleep, as he continuously snores then wakes up to restart his netflix.
by runnergirlcolorado January 25, 2010
A tendency to see the world in the most basic terms as consisting fundamentally of bodily functions and the fulfillment of appetites and desires. The term derives from the imagined perspective of testicles during the sex act and during the process of defecation.
He: Bob's a nice guy, but he's sometimes difficult to take because he is so cynical!
Friend: Yeah, he's got a real balls-eye view of the world.
He: Meaning?
Friend: He only sees what your testicles would see when you're banging someone or taking a crap -- assholes, piss, falling shit ....
by ring-tailed roarer May 19, 2010
The term used for someone who has loose skin underneith their eyes or more commonly used for some one who is extremley tired and looks like crap. Refering to the droop or sag or a pair of dogs testicles.
God ive been working so hard today my "eyes are like dogs balls"!

"Myra was so old her eyes were begining to look like dogs balls "

"archibald was so tired from hoomfing his wife the night before his eyes were like dogs balls "

Micheal looks in the mirror and sais to his cousin ive got "eyes like dogs balls"
by peperami87 November 17, 2009