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when a person gets way too involved or addicted to facebook chat or any other form of instant messaging and use the winking face, ;) , but start to actually do the action when you send the message. this means when you send a winking face, ;) , on chat you automatically start to uncontrollably wink!
Hannah: heyy, you looked rly hot today;)
*has eye spasm* (starts to wink uncontrollably)

Felix: ahaa thanks bbz<3 xx
by mousey1306 January 13, 2012
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when you know something important or exciting is going to happen and you cant wait for it, but you're racking your brains out trying to find out when. therefore you cant focus, and your eyes begin to dart around the room constantly and many people notice
it was dark and i knew it was coming, but i couldnt tell when. i was waiting patiently, then it came. a hand on my face and i turned....everything on earth stopped

i was glad the eye spasm i was previously having stopped
by teddybear eyes June 18, 2009
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