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A person who deliberately or subconsciously seeks, exaggerates or fabricates drama and/or chaos in otherwise non-chaotic environments to create a sense of emotional equilibrium or normalcy. A constellation of behaviors often associated with survival of traumatic events. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders would catigorize this as Borderline or Histrionic personality disorder, often associated with PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.

I nominate this as an alternate definition to the biological use of the term.
My 'extremophile' neighbor is a drama-queen! She always has a list of people who have offended her in one way or another. She's a person who turns perfectly solvable problems into epic unresolvable ones.
by The-Psyc-Sibs April 08, 2011
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1) An extremophile is someone who thrived economically or socially in extreme conditions.

For example, if a spic had a crack house right next door to a police station and has been doing that business for years, he’s an extremophile. If a black persons got away with stealing a bunch of shit constantly and thrived economically with selling all the stolen items, He’s an extremophile

2) An organism that thrives or can tolerate extreme environmental conditions that would be detrimental to the majority of life here on earth

Extremophiles live in a bunch of conditions for example hydrothermal vents, acidic lakes, hot springs, very salty water, etc
1) Eyy yo Juan be popping out some snow next to the po po man. That nigga a extremophile

2.) GFAJ-1 is an organism that can tolerate arsenic and lives in it in Mono Lake making it an extremophile.
by Zyzzyne May 27, 2018
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