The Obamacare website. The biggest piece of shit website in the whole wide world. Every page that you try to visit on this piece of crap website comes up with an error message that says "unresolvable". Only the government could come up with a site that no one ever will be able to fix.
I went onto the Obamacare website and received an error message that said unresolvable. This website is no officially worse than the DMV's.
by Chairman Mouw October 30, 2013
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The nightly, weekly, monthly relationship/situationship drama series that airs in syndication inside your brain after a break up. A furtive preoccupation for closure when there is none. The unsolved mystery of the relationship breakdown.
My “Uresolved History”of finding out the viagra that gave him the stroke was taken the day after he had sex with you leads to obsessive social media searches for validation and closure

Does Donna want to go out tonight? No, she’s stalking her exes Facebook trying to sort out their unresolved history.
by Sassiety of Foxes June 24, 2021
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Unspoken lust and sexual desire. Can be used to describe the feelings of say, cartoon characters once they hit puberty and wants to shag.
I watched Ben 10 yesterday and there is a lot of unresolved sexual tension there lawl.
by CocaineLion69 May 5, 2019
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