A term referring to the thick layer of fat covering a morbidly obese person.

The jiggle exoskeleton is typically so thick and protective of the vital organs that it can stop a bullet from killing the fatso.
Leroy's jiggle exoskeleton smothered the terrorist until he was suffocated.
by amulet_1972 March 07, 2009
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When your scrote is cold and shrinks up forming rigid creases not allowing To shave properly.
"Man, last night was rough. I couldn't even shave my balls completely due to the testicular exoskeleton I had goin on."
by CardiacBuffalo April 17, 2014
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The structure that gives balls firmness
I don't get as close a shave when my scrote is firm. Because like these ridge-y structures form, right, like a testicular exoskeleton, so any hairs between the ridges don't get shorn that short.
by Rabbit543 April 03, 2014
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