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1. The official fandom name of the South Korean band, EXO. SM Entertainment has made a website already where EXO-L's from different countries can get in touch to each other and even to the EXO members. Now, the over-2-million population of EXO-L's (represented by stars) is getting bigger and bigger.
I am a proud EXO-L.
Are you an EXO-L? Who's your bias?
EXO-K, EXO-M, and EXO-L are ONE!
by 94Pearls September 07, 2014
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: someone who gives love, support and appreciation to a legendary group called EXO

: people who crashes websites and break records

Nickname: Aeri/Eri
Scientific Name: Mitochondria
If you love and support EXO with all your heart, then you're an EXO-L
by @sassybacon July 17, 2018
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south korean group EXO has a fandom named EXO-L. the reason behind this is that L is letter between K and M (EXO-K and EXO-M *subgroups*) and the letter L, represents love (as EXO showing love to us)
• what are you?
~ i'm an EXO-L
• what does this stand for?
by LeeBaekhyunee August 05, 2018
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