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excardon me, I thought these were the gents toilets.
by JW Pepper December 23, 2003
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Catch phrase uttered by the wonderous Senor Cardgage (or any ugly, dumpy guy with a beer belly and a comb-over) while popping out of bushes and carrying a plastic bag full of mysterious contents which may include any of the the following:

1. Cold Pizza
2. Rotten Vegetables
3. Shattered Pieces of the owner's past life...
This phrase confuses Homestar Runner.
Cardgage: Excardon me!

Homestar Runner: I don't know what that means... and you still smell like pea soup
by Yuri December 21, 2003
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Something said by Strongbad's alter ego, or senor cardgage, the old man who lived down the street from strongbad when he was a child.
"well excard on me"
by Justin Carapella December 28, 2003
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