A: OMG! Lana del rey's new album is SOOO GOOD!
B: Exacta, I love the production.
by May 11, 2021
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Dumping Gatorade on the head coach and losing in the same game. A reference to both the state's obsession with horse racing and the fact that everyone in Kentucky is stupid.

It is also known as "pulling a Kentucky" and "Dunk and Sunk."
In the Bluegrass Miracle, the Wildcats completed the Kentucky Exacta when they dumped Gatorade on Guy Morriss and lost to LSU.
by somebeachsomewhere October 24, 2009
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Having a partner ride you while you watch the Kentucky Derby. Place your bets on who finishes first!
"Hey Carl, did you watch the Kentucky Derby last night?"

"Yeah, but unfortunately my exacta fell through as I bet on my girl who finished last as per usual"
by cptmntbandaid April 9, 2017
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