A very cool and nice person who will always be there for you. Always knows how to take care of a problem. Specially, when you have nobody by your side.
by $$Mone¥$$ December 2, 2014
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A nickname for a extremely flirtacious girl who causes trouble without meaning to. Usually for self.
by Ewin February 24, 2005
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A girl who matters and has significant value and deserves all good things in life.
She matters, she's Ewin.
by lilmsmunch August 27, 2021
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An absolute big chinned aids victim who misses sitters on a regular basis... from Guntshire, UK
Ricky: What the fuck is this guy in front of us doing?

John: I think he is attempting to score a goal... he couldn't score in a fucking crack den..

Ricky: Fucking Reminds me of a certain someone.

John: Yeah i know! what a fucking gunt, playing like Chinny Ewin. Mega head
by jackibaaaaiii November 4, 2011
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