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evoli is an awesome pokemon that can evolve into seven other forms, all another type.
Can u adapt to other things?
-yeah im like evoli!
by coralsee July 13, 2012
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A really awesome band that produced so much more problems than it did music talent.
Dude, i love Evoli
by Kwinten September 01, 2009
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EVOLI \ ee-voh-lee\

Definition: A quintet hailing from McHenry, IL, with a list of musical influences so long, that attempts to classify the band’s genre often result in injury.

Origin: Childhood friends and the founding members, Annie and Jeff, birthed Evoli when they put their musical talents together eventually producing their EP, Fight or Flight and first album, Wake up. Over the years the duo had gone through many member line-up changes until they stumbled upon this formula with Brian, Kauri, and Jeremy that seemed to fit oh-so nicely. Following the release of Evoli’s Big, Black & Beautiful Record, Annie went on to pursue her other passions and Evoli adopted local songstress Dakotah Rose to complete the beautiful transformation into the suburban super-group that it is today.
Q: what's an evoli?
A: the name of a pokemon... in french OR an awesome band that we should go see
by youshouldahadaV8 November 26, 2011
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