An artsy, cute girl. Usually with black hair and brown eyes. Also tends to be very dominant and crazy during sex.
Oh she's so cute! She's such a Eugie!
by Whosyadaddy December 25, 2007
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the pwnage anniahliation beast!! GO X-MEN!!!
by pwange master October 12, 2004
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A small pupper that holds his butt in the air
That pupper is being doing a eugi
by Big Yawn December 23, 2018
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eugi is a girl you see on the street and notice a beauty you haven’t seen anywhere else. Thicc and with blue eyes she conquers the world. She’s a gamer, artist, writer and expert on music. Her personality is defined as caring and giving. She listens and observes, making her the perfect person to define you and to tell diferences.
Wow, I’ve never seen someone like an eugi before.
by pin8 February 8, 2018
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