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Probably the best man known to this Earth as we know it. Infinite amounts of women trail off of his deadly scent, but he shall never be pleased with noses. The nose is always one centimeter off. One of the top music producers on the planet, plus he came very close to inventing sting-ray skin roads, but he got bored and went to the gym instead. This unit of a man is sometimes seen lurking around shop street, humza's house, and London; or Melbourne. Don't get in his way or he will Ctrl Alt Destruct you, and, your girlfriend's vagina. BIG MAN EUGEDAWG
Jessica: Hey did you hear about that guy, eugedog?
Mary: Oh my god I love him! he's class
Ailish: He is unbelievable!
Emer: I love him. I want him.
Anna: Pineapples is it?
Cathal: What are you talking about Anna?
Eleanor: Eugedog is such a TANK
Emer: Anna I need some blue paint. Where's my pin gone?
Alan Grealish : I'll fight ya #dontgetinmeway#gabbygabbygabby
Emma: I went out with him before I love him so much :(
Conor K: I'm a bit early for Paddies Day #wanker but I love Euge!
Kenneth: Well I'm never falling asleep again.
John: Ever?
Sam: PRETTTTTTTY eugedog
Shane D: Retard, fuck sake
Connor: Window, window, fucking window.
Ciaran: Can we've some coco pops? Big MANNNN
Conor S: oooOoOOh, BIG MANNN
Eugedog: Aw ye ye ye........ BIG MAN EUGEDAWG. dect #sparm #carn #harn #inlebarn
by Anonymous Lover x March 06, 2014
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