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Eu Jin is one of the most common phrases used in Singapore today, largely due to the greater understanding of 16-year-old teenagers towards the usage of such a bombastic phrase within the past two years. Despite of that, due to the dearth of regulations towards the usage of this slang phrase, there are many scenarios in which this phrase can be used. The examples are:

1. A strong and muscular jock.
2. A vainpot who checks his mountaineous muscles frequently, and then mocks other people's pathetic build by massaging his own muscles, prodding other people's tissues of fats next, before looking at his mountains again and nodding mockingly and in self-indulgence.
3. A jolly fellow who enjoys laughing.
4. An idiot who enjoys using the class computer for inane activities.
5. Shockaholic.
6. A party animal who listens to any types of songs to chill and groove, except for crapshit such as eurotrash.
7. A singer who croons techno in classes.
8. A compulsive liar.
9. A Kazuya Kamenashi lookalike disturbed by the fact that he is being courted by every single girl he encounters, in spite of not having the maturity and experience to handle such pressure.
10. A regular victim of near-brawls.
11. A scholar with a strong grasp of the English language, having the tendency of using words matching his flamboyant style, yet confusing the poor average Singaporeans with his immense vocabulary.
12. A kid with a short attention span
1. With concentration curls of 16kg weights, 10kg triceps curls, 300lbs bench presses, and the ability to sprint 100m in 10 seconds, Eu Jin is indeed one of the fittest young kids in this world. Besides, with his Bulgarian-supermodel good looks and his monstrous build of a human mammoth, he is one of the endangered entities left. What more can you ask from such a perfect guy, Theresa?

2. *Peter strokes his humongous hamstrings/bulging biceps/proportionate pectorals before attempting to prod John's.*
John: Please stop being such a Eu Jin, you narcissist.

3. Jimmy: If we cycle to Fabian's villa and press his doorbell, guess what? He will say ........ WHAT LA CHEEBYE! HEE HEE HA HA HA HEE HEE HA HA HA *falls off his seat and rolls on the floor*
Fabian: What a Eu Jin. Eeheehee.

4. Jason: Eh Peter, later use the computer and search BT on Wikipedia. Let’s check if his IQ is updated. LAWLZ SOMNAMBULIST. Then we play OUT OF THE BLUE.


6. Eu Jin: OUT OF THE BLUE ROCKS MAN YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT. YOU MUST. IF YOU SAY YOU DISLIKE IT YOU SHOULD JUMP OFF THE BUILDING. Na beh. I’m scared the cops will raid my house for downloading pirated songs and laugh at me for listening to Groove Coverage. Like, you know … HEE HEE HA HA HA GROOVE COVERAGE YOU AH BENG LISTENING TO POISON.

7. Terry: When you touched my face, SO BEAUTIFUUUUL!, and you call my name, I BURRNNNEEEED WITH DESIIRREEE. Eh Sean, do the BTTTTTT thing leh.

8. Eu Jin: Hi. My name is Eu Jin. My mother is a hooker. Haha just kidding. I mean she is a hawker. And my dad is a taxi-driver. Nice to meet you … fuck you don’t laugh, it’s not funny. It’s not funny that my dad is a taxi-driver. Fuck you man stop it, seriously. *fronts a pissed-off look*

9. Eu Jin: Fuck man, you see that za bor over there? No, not that old hag la cheebye, it’s the one at the right. Fuck la. She has been looking at me for the past 5 minutes. No I’m serious. Fuck you, no! I have been watching her staring at me. I’m scared she will stalk me.

10. Case No. 1: Eu Jin was standing innocently in a double-decker bus, when a hooligan with masterpieces of tattoos pushed him against the glass window. Eu Jin almost wanted to remove his spectacles and confront that guy, but he alighted the bus with fear of Eu Jin’s big muscles.
Case No. 2: Eu Jin was walking down the streets of Perth, looking threatening. A punk sitting by the street corner stood up and nearly confronted him, but hesitated, due to Eu Jin’s big muscles.

11. Carey: I am an atheist.
Corey: Oh, so you enjoy Greek mythology too? I respect Zeus as a great god.
Carey: Atheist means someone who doesn’t believe in gods. HEE HEE HA HA HA GREEK RELIGION LAWLZ you damn stupid leh. HEE HEE HA HA HA.

12. Gary slouched forwards, gazing at that white ball placed in front of him. This thought kept dashing through his mind, “One stroke is enough to hit me 3 balls into the holes. I need all 3 at a go to regain my ego. Am I up to the game?” Wiping a bead off his stubble, he leaned forwards much more, aligning his vision parallel to his pole, then tilting his face to his side to flash his mates a fast, forced grin. Lo, and behold. It was not his friends he saw, but the most beautiful, most wonderfully carved sculptures ever. Hills and hills of tough meat stand tall and firm around the bone of his upper arm, like the great Himalayans. “Just one more second,” he thought, “Just view this scenery of muscles for one more bloody second, and I will hit the goddamned ball.” God knew for how long, but from then on, he had been leaning towards the pool table, mesmerized by his total package.
by sally squirtwell August 20, 2006
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