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An amazing woman! Loves sex... Has a huge circle of friends of all varieties... Loves her family and devotes her life to them.... Loves to party.... Easy to love.... you are one lucky son of a bitch if you've got her , without a doubt, is the perfect woman. Full of life and laughter. She has a smile that can light up a dark room. Beautiful on the outside and beautiful within, she's flawless and her beauty stands out. Sweet, caring, funny, smart, classy and determined. Estefany always gets what she wants. She may be sweet but don't take her kindness for a weakness, she stands her ground. Once you meet a real Estefany, don't ever let her go.
"Man I wished I had a Estefany."
"Estefany is unforgettable."
by urbandictionarynamequotes November 20, 2013
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A tall funny and pretty girl.She likes to hangout mostly with boys rather than girls.She barely has any girl friends.Your most likely to find her sleeping most of the time.She can be really hyper at times.She has a great since of humor and is great at making others smile and laugh.Her smile is able to make others smile or laugh.She’s also a very curious person and loves to experience new things and learn different languages.Sometimes she can just randomly say random things in a different language for no reason.She can fall in love easily with the people she is close with.But she can also be rude at some people she may not like but as soon as you meet the real Estefany you won’t ever want to let her go,even though she can be a lot of trouble because trouble finds her a lot.
I heard heard that girl get in trouble AGAIN today!!
Yeah her name is Estefany
Makes since
by Olviaaa_44 May 29, 2018
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