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region in upstate New York. Surrounded by farm land and small towns. Mostly known for their catholic retreat centers, where rich kids go for a weekend to pretend that they care for each other and love god. Most just go to feel special and talk about their non existent problems
White Girl 1: " I can't wait to go to esopus this weekend. I have so many problems as a well off, Caucasian rich girl in NYC to talk about!"
by byemarist May 27, 2017
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A magical place upstate where bitchy kids become less bitchy and amazing kids become even more humble and kind. There is no place better in the world to sit and clear your head as you sit back and enjoy life with your best friends. Molloy kids are the kings and queens of esopus basically never leaving it and would spend all summer there if they could. Also they swear they aren't a cult but KUNJA
"Dude are you going back up to esopus this week"

"Of course is that even a question?? I know I just left but if I throw my entire suitcase in the wash and just take it out tonight I can make it back up tomorrow morning!"

"Didn't you just come back an hour ago?"
by treehugger20182022 August 28, 2017
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