It means heroic in Italian.

It is Beethoven's 3rd symphony.

It is the name of a SICK instrumental band from Boston.
Dude I was at the Eroica show and they rocked my tits off!
by goodlives12 July 8, 2008
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Eroica Yori Ai wo Komette is one of the few mangas that can be classified as both shounenai & BL because of how long it's been in publication. Starting in 1978 & still being written to this day.

When writer Aoike Yasuko took a long break in the 90s doing gawd knows what, she picked the story up again with a different art style. She actually managed to convert her art from retro to modern (sadly), & the fans still wait to see if Dorian will ever get Klaus, hoping to heck it doesn't end abruptly like her amazingly funny series; Ibu no Musukotachi.
If you're a BL/shounenai/retro manga fan, you've GOT to add her stuff to your collection!
by Allaiyah February 29, 2004
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From Eroica With Love, or Eroica Yori Ai Wo Komete, is a shoujo manga written and drawn by Yasuko Aoike since 1978. The series revolves around the adventures of Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach, an uptight and homophobic NATO major, and Dorian Red Gloria, an openly gay English lord who delights in bothering Klaus. Dorian is also an art thief, known as Eroica, and states in the first volume that he makes it his purpose to pursue and capture beautiful things...and people. He says that he is in love with Klaus and flirts with him incessantly, much to Klaus's consternation.

Also featured are Dorian's gang of thieves--chiefly Mr. James (the clingy, wailing, tightfisted accountant), Bonham (Dorian's right hand man), and John Paul (who only appears occasionally, and whose name changes from time to time). Dorian and his gang are based on the band Led Zeppelin, of which Yasuko Aoike is a fan.

Klaus's boss (the Chief), his butler, and his subordinates also appear frequently. The men working for Klaus are known as the Alphabets; A, B, G, and Z appear more often than the others. A is in charge of the Alphabets, B is generally portrayed as sort of a bumbling clown, G enjoys crossdressing, and Z is a young agent who hero-worships Klaus. Aoike has said that Klaus is based on aspects of her own personality, and she seems to have developed a crush on him.

The series is generally comedic, although it involves a great deal of violence, theft, and bizarre international incidents. Much of it spoofs James Bond-type stories (hence the title). Eroica has an active and growing fanbase; googling the title will lead to sites with additional information.
From Eroica With Love is now being translated into English by CMX, a division of DC Comics.
by Za Huntah July 29, 2005
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