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pronunciation: \ˈər-bəl\

(1) a human body cavity or organ that is empty, a void or a vacuum (eg: head, heart, etc.)


(2) an anal/cranial inversion.

verb: (to ERBL) - to exist in such a state of a denial that everything appears backwards or inverted.

acronym: Erratic, Race-Baiting Liar

First Known Use of ERBL
1492: “And then Cristobal Columbo did venture erblly to the Indies in the East by progressing Westwards over the Great Sea”

Rhymes with ERBL
burble, gerbil, verbal

Synonyms of ERBL
Hateful, hurtful, harmful, common, crass, deluded, discriminatory, marginalizing, trivializing, biased, bigoted, narrow, regressive, devoid, hollow

Antonyms of ERBL
Full, enriched, productive, open, focused, receptive, compassionate, human or humane
ERBL is an MT head.
by e.g. October 06, 2013
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