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A Mexican , usually tall and mature . Likes older women and doesn't play gay shit .
What's your uncle's name?
Ohh it's erasmo
by mr gato June 08, 2014
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1. Something you do during sex. Or a feeling you get during sex.
2. A name given to a child with parents that lack creativity.
1. I just had the best erasmo last night!!
2. Whats your name? Erasmo. Oh well my name is FABULOUS!
by Amazing lee August 30, 2007
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A name that means to be a getto Mexican. A name that means to be a player: asshole. When he flirts he gets ugly haircuts so girls can like him on the inside not the outside. He usually speaks Spanish or German. He is a very helpful, funny, and very very very romantic ;).
Nobody wants to be an Erasmo.

Kacy likes Erasmo.
by Erasmo I can see you June 22, 2017
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