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When you stretch your penis out, and tie it in a knot so the blood flow is cut off. Then you stick in in ice water so it gets really really numb, and then u lay it flat on a counter, get a butcher knife, and chop about 3 inches off of it, but there will be no blood flow because you already cut off the circulation when you tied it in a knot. Then you untie it, and the built up blood pressure will cause your balls to explode and also the second half of your dick, and then u collect all the pieces, put it in a blender along with the blood and ball sack juices, puree it, and then feed it to your girlfriend while she licks your little stump where your penis should be.
"Dude, my eoidfjing session last night was so hot!"
by Bill Krietzach January 10, 2008
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