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A subreddit which promotes it's anti-communist thought by using strawmen arguments, logical fallacies, and other misleading arguments which inevitably accomplish nothing.
enough commie spam provides me with all the good arguments against commies I'll need - stuff like 'socialism killed 100 gorillion people' and 'hah all communists are just kids therefore their opinions are invalid'
by Minerface February 14, 2017
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A place on reddit where people argue using the belief system that all solutions are invalid. Therefore their arguments are always valid - while accomplishing nothing and presenting no actual alternatives to communism.
This meme has a theory behind it. I'm going to go mock it on Enough Commie Spam without providing a better alternative to a stateless and classless society. Better dead than read!

If I don't choose a solid position I can easily win any argument on Enough Commie Spam.
by comradenanuq December 03, 2016
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