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Energy Manipulation is the manipulation of a force which can be used to give "life" to an object, person or in rare situations a wepon. This energy is created and all living beings in a general area, and by manipulation said energy you can may be able to animate objects, leveatate or even in extreme cases, expell this energy as a projectile. The basis of energy manipulation comes from the study of Chi or Ki, the eastern cultures belive that with the correct amount of training, dicipline and concentration you can "manipulate energy" which comes from the earth.

In my resarch i belive that all human beings have the potental to manipulate energy ( not like you see in cartoons with fire balls and other dbz type BS) to an extent which can cause you to have hightened senses, extreme focus twards a desired action, or in a negative case manipulate the energy around them in order to manipulate the people arround them.

Primarilary mental manipulation of such energys can also be seen in examples of people saving someone, being whonded and having no knolodege of their injury. Driven individuals will manipulate their energy twards the task at hand in order to complete the task with accuracy and efficency.

Therefore, the energy that is applied to the situation comes from the human mind(one origin of lifes energy which is devided up to serve other purposes: internal orgins, blinking preservation of memory, ect...) which is then focused to the part of the brain that humans use to focus on tasks and preform in a almost superhuman manner manner.

As far-feched as the ideal may seem, my theroy is supported by the large precent of the humand mind that we cannot fathom or explain. Therefore the workings of the cognative processes in which we can not control due to iggnorance(the lack of knolodege kind) are the key to grasp the full concept of my theroy.

Energy has its limits as well as drawbacks which we feel on a daily base, and thus we sleep.
"to manipulate energy is like using you brain power the way you want to... not like Dragon ball-z. That is cartoon energy manipulation..."

second person:

"...But i like DBZ...

first person:
"...and you are twenty-three and live with you mom...dork."
by JEBUSoftheeANARCHY February 23, 2007
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