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someone who studies emo's and their ways like sandra sands who wrote an article in the guardian which was completely slated in kerrang magasine (september 06)
sandra sands is an emologist, she thinks she knows everything
by The-Emologist October 14, 2006
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One who is dedicated to studying the bizarre animals that resemble humans, known as "emos".

These animals cut themselves for what seems like no reason but emologists are dedicated to finding out what the fuck is wrong with their heads that they would do such a thing. All of these strange creatures do not cut themselves but they do indulge themselves in a horrendous music genre that is named after their race; emo. It flat out sucks.
Metalhead: Bryant and Mike are emologists. Once, bryant spit on a dying emo kid.

Metalhead2: Wow, i wanna be just like them, and grow up to be an emologist.
by Bryant September 15, 2004
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