Used to positively describe emo music or hott people who dress like they listen to emo music.
Wow, Dan! Those tight almost girl-like pants you're wearing are emolicious!
by Gunner4Life December 31, 2004
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A word used to describe anything that's attractive in an emo. Some scene people can also be considered emolicious.
Nick's swoopy bangs are so emolicious!

I love Andy Six's voice; it's so emolicious.
by TeamMustache December 05, 2010
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refers to something good about emo things... if a girl thinks an emo guy is hot she can say "he's emo-licious"... also, if an emo song is good it is also called emo-licious.
The new MCR CD is going to be amazingly emo-Licious
by Mr. Lemmon April 01, 2006
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