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a hardcore emo kid. despite the dark and sensitive appearance this emo will fuck you up. no cutting or crying for this one a emoi! doesn't give a fuck and can relate more with the punk genre then fellow emos. a emoi! knows how to mosh, how to fight, and how to party with the best of them.
punk 1- hey bro look at that emo fag over there lets go kick his ass

punk 2- naaww he's cool he's emoi! i saw him at the show last night. he was getting down.
by a bag of spaghetti September 10, 2012
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This person is the most lit person you'll ever meet, and is always dancing. This person does not open up to many at all, and he's also a nervous person to people he first meets. This person has a huge sec appeal, they'll be one of the best looking people you'll ever meet, whether boy or girl. Sex is amazing with this person, Definitely an all around keeper and significant other
Emoi is the best friend with benefits. There's never any emotion with him but the sex and his personality is so amazing, I want to make him mines.
by Asia Jackson December 24, 2016
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