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There is a specific way to apply emo makeup. Simply follow these steps and you will have it in no time.

1. Take emo-eyepaint aka, eyeliner or emo guyliner if you're a dude and apply it generously to the bottom rim of your eye. Make it as thin and as close to your lashline as possible, but make sure it is D A R K.
2. Apply emo-eyepaint/guyliner in the same way on the top. Make sure to have the outer edges meet in a slightly rounded corner, that sticks out only a tiny bit from the edge of your eye. If you have almond-shaped eyes, or just small eyes, you may want to make the outer edge longer and pointier (almost like its winged out, only not so severe). This will make your eye more dramatic. If you have big, round eyes, make the outer edges rounded. If they're pointed, it will give you a squinty look.
3. Apply a healthy layer of black eyeshadow directly over the black emo-eyepaint/guyliner to give it a shadowy effect. This will also help the eyeliner not to smudge or drip as easily.
4. You may also want to apply a dark eyeshadow to your entire lid. It must be well-blended, otherwise it'll look tacky. Color choices are as follows: dark maroon, red, black, dark grey, sparkly neon pink, sparkly neon blue, or any other color of the type.
5. Apply one coat of black mascara. Seeing as emos are extremely sensitive people (to use a not-so-true stereotype), you only will want one coat because more than one will drip when crying. Remember, everyone cries.
6. Trade up your old favorite lip gloss for some environmentally-friendly lip balm. A popular brand is Burt's Bees. You may also want to dab on a sheer, nude, matte lipstick to make your lips more pale. Make sure it is slightly lighter than your skin tone seeing as your lips are slightly darker than your skin tone. However, do not make yourself look like you are choking, dead, or sickly. Make sure there is enough color in your lips to know that you are, in fact, alive.
7. Most importantly, don't overdo the makeup. If you choose to play up your eyes, then don't play up your lips and vice versa. You just might look like a poser or a really cheap prostitute.

A quick note: you may also want to try applying a bright,neon eyeshadow or eyeliner directly underneath the black eyeliner on the bottom rim. If you do this, do not put any other color on the top, otherwise you will look like you escaped from the circus.

Also note that if you are a boy choosing to wear emo makeup, get extremely close to your lashline. If you're having trouble with the thickness, look up famous male celebrities that sport the emo style. Note that they are wearing dark eyeliner, but only enough to show that they have it on. They do not have raccoon eyes.

~Apply makeup in reasonably bright light.
~Look at other people's makeup to get ideas, however do not steal their style.
~Don't overdo it.
~GUYS! If you need help, try asking a close girl friend or your sister to help you out.
~Don't look like a raccoon.
~If you want the pale look, don't wear foundation four shades lighter than your skin tone. Try only one shade lighter and mix it with a facial moisturizer before applying. This way, it doesn't look caked on and you won't have a demarkation line. Also applying powder around your jawline will help to diminish the line of foudnation.

The Essentials:
"Look at that girl! She looks like such a poser with those raccoon eyes and poorly hemmed skinny jeans!"

"Uhm chyeah. Didn't she read the guide on how to apply emo makeup?"

"Apparently not..."
by HaleyRiane March 14, 2008
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