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Emo kids.

There are many kinds of emo kids. there are Emo Kids who recognize themselves as emo kids. Although some are posers, some aren't. They just happen to realize that it would be easier for the other kids to label them like that. They feel for other people. They don't have to cut or do something totally rebellious to be an emo kid. They don't have to wear black or shop at hot topic.

All they have to do is be true to themselves. If the emo kid likes playing American Football, that doesn't mean he's a jock posing as an emo kid or the other way around.

Emo kids are people who are true to themselves. They call themselves what they want. They do what they want. They are polite, but honest. They are only very rude when the person they are talking to doesn't deserve respect. Emo kids tend to show what they feel to other people, whether that is love, hate, depression or sadness. that's why they're called EMO-tive KIDS.

NOT all emo kids have slashes on their wrists. NOT all emo kids have an ex they cry about and write poems about. NOT all emo kids have an lj, where they post sad stuff about. NOT all emo kids shop in hot topic. NOT all emo kids are gay. NOT all emo kids have floppy hair styles. NOT all emo kids are over dramatic about the smallest things in life. NOT all emo kids listen to just 'emo bands' or songs with meanings, although most love to.

What I'm trying to say is.. That an emo kid, is someone who is 'EMO' because that's who he is. Not because it is 'scene' or the hottest trend now. It is simply because that's who he is
Kid1: Hi. tell me about yourself
Emo kid: I'm an emo kid.
Kid2: yeah. he cuts his wrists and sings to dashboard confessional. He's gay too.
Emo Kid: I don't. I'm just in touch with my inner feelings...
Kid2: see. he is gay. I mean what kind of a guy is 'in touch with his inner feelings'???
Kid1: ...
Emo Kid: -__-'
by Jake Sinclair September 5, 2006