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A bro mixed with an emo
usually cause he or she doesn't know which she wants to be.
guy1: whoa that guys wearing skinny jeans but listening to necro and kottonmouth kings what a embro..
guy2: damn dude that is one weird embro.
by Matt Bancroft December 19, 2007
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A tall skinny person who usually dresses emo and listens to emo music but still smokes pot and hangs out with all the surfer skaters and talks like a bro
"Dude did you ever realize Andrew Hansen is a total Embro?"
"Actually, I was wondering why his myspace song is by the chiodos and there are cuts on his wrists, that makes sense andrew hansen is a total embro."
by Guibro January 21, 2008
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Another word for describing a friend, like "mandem" or "brother".

Can also be used to great someone.
Dude: What's up my embro?
Dude 2: Nothing embro, its all good.
by Hazzatron April 06, 2011
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