Kansas State fans use it in signatures and such on message boards.

Acronym for "Every Man a Wildcat"
I really think that this is the year we win the big 12.
We've got the QB, RB and the defensive line to do it.
Regardless, the schedule is tough, but with 8 home games, why not this year?

by Don Corbon October 31, 2005
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EMAW (Eat My Ass Willie) is a acronym used by Kansas State fans in regards to their mascot Willie. Sometimes it is used in anger and sometimes its used to express pure enjoyment.
Anger: EMAW! Nebraska beat us again!

Enjoyment: Hey coach Snyder, why are you so happy? "It's that silly mascot Willie. EMAW!!!!"
by Bill Snyder Jr. October 06, 2010
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a mysterious word used by Kansas State fans. the origin and meaning of the word is unclear, but it is said to be an acronym for "egregious malevolent artistic Worcestershire."
"Man, I was in Aggieville last night and everyone down there was totally EMAW."
by GFA January 19, 2009
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Acronym: "Emancipation of Men And Women" or "Emancipate Men and Women".

Can be used as both a noun or a verb.

It can be, and typically is, used to describe the salt of the earth's fight against all things wrong w/ the world.
Jokes: I would like to EMAW of this world from made up birds.

Serious: I would like to see the EMAW from crap music and have them listen to the quality vibes of Purple Haze.
by The_Pied_Piper July 07, 2009
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Every Man A Wildcat

Dates back to the 70's as a school chant for Kansas State University and will never be replaced by EPAW (Every Person a Wildcat).
by EMAW09 August 05, 2011
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