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(verb) To get rid of a disappointing blind date after you realize she's ugly, fat, a total bitch, or your cousin.
Drew: "Well that brings us to the end of round three, so unfortunately I'm going to have to make a REALLY tough decision. I'm gonna have to, Sally. I'm sorry."
Sally: "What? We're not even on the TV show! You asshole! This is a blind date!"
Drew: "Please, don't make it any harder on yourself. Just go."
Sally: "Well I never! Why me."
Drew: (grabs her stomach fat) *jiggle jiggle jiggle!* "Frankly bitch, you could stand to lose a couple of pounds. Later, skank. I'm gonna go score a half-price lapdance off of that stripper."
by Nick D August 09, 2004
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(N.) Yet another comedy dating reality show. This one is at least better in where 4 mates are dating one man or woman at once and are voted off, one by one until one is left. It's more funny than the other crappy reality dating shows that come on too much such as Shipmates, Change of Heart, EX-treme Dating and (your favorite) MASTERDate.
More crap TV for lonely middle aged singles.
by G-Union November 26, 2003
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The act of drunk driving your date into the river and then swimming to shore and stopping at the first bar for cocktails while your date drowns and dies.

Rinse and repeat
by blub blub June 27, 2004
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