the act of a group of guys walking around in public holding on to one anothers penises.
dude, we went elephant walking the other day at the play ground. all the kids were staring at us.
by Kevin223 January 17, 2009
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when douchebag frat guys are hazing each other,in this ritual much like elephanst in a row the men take their pants off and insert one thumb in the males ass in front of them and insert their other thumb in their mouth. Than they proceed to walk as circus elephants in a row,when the first douchebag's thumb to fall out of the first one's asshole,they must replace it with the thumb that was once in their mouth and replace it with the soiled thumb
Man we were hazing the fresh-meat at the house last night and three of them got sick from the elephant walk we made them pull!
by killa-B52423 February 11, 2010
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When a bunch of bros get on all fours, nekkid, and stick their thumbs in the bunghole in front of them and lick the fudge of their thumbs. Repeat until everyone has had the pleasure of tasting everyone else.
"Bro! We did the baby elephant walk and Gary's bung was so loose I had a hand full of feces to lick off my fingers!"
by TurbanDictionary November 9, 2013
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