Like ECE, a term for electrical engineering program at the University of Toronto and other established universities. This is by far, contrary to a few, the hardest program at the University of Toronto.Elec students are neglected and exposed to detrimental cut-throat competition as the order of the second.Elecs are prof abused; barely sleep; take no showers and read until they loose vision and GPA points. Some argue that Engineering science is tougher, but it is well established that all EngSci profs take good care of engscs with concise material facilitating higher grades because they focus more on regurgitating abstract principles, or limit their application to a few known cases, but in Elec, even the students that master texts easily get C,D,F's with no justice or remorse since the program is a Level E (elite level) application intensive-making the elec department for over three decades, the program with highest drop out rate- bar none.In Eng sci, if you work hard u will indeed be rewarded. Most engci help each other because its department policy for their class ave to be high.(B-A) All elecs study solo, misinform each other, rob each others books and notes, fight, bite and pinch over problem set solutions, press fire alarms during exams.y? elec dep limits their class ave to a C or lower-hence one elec's success is another elec's failure due to the loose unsymmetrical Gaussian bell curve that rests left- tilted in the middle of the grade page and is prof pushed to the left.
1.Are you an elec, u must have no girlfriend, or ur girlfriend must have lost her her sense of scent .
2.Are u an elec? u must b, i could smell ur book breath from across the room.
3.Elecs have no life
4.Elecs dont like life.
5.Thanks smart elec's for sending normal elec's to ryerson
6.Darn elecs, pulling fire alarm during exams, but even those elec losers are still there writing the exam-jeez they risking burning life over an elec exam or they are they are too elec to know the drill.
6.b. elecs are fucked.
7.elecs for vacation should commit suicide
8.u r wearing 38 colon scents, u must b an elec.
9.hey elec why bother with axe, ur BO will electrocute that.
by Prof.Jonathan Rose October 7, 2009
Two butt cheeks that look like four. He'll steal your heart, and give it to his mom. Usually over six feet, on a good day, 7. The rich velvety timbre of his voice will melt the panties of both men and women. And dogs, so be careful when letting men named ELEC into your life.

You thought his butt was big? Let's talk about his heart. He's got more love in that thing than all the butts ever.
by GetDonked August 2, 2021