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Elbonia is the collective name for all places outside of the United States of America and can be considered to be a nation of its own.

The nation is entirely mud-covered. It is very backward and it's ihabitants can write but haven't as yet learned to read.

The inhabitants all look alike, wearing the same style of clothes (robe and turban-hat) and sporting beards of aproximately the same length. They have long and unpronouncable names.

Elbobnia is a very attractive land for American corporations as it has no environmental or labour laws. Call Center and manufacturing are often outsorced to Elbonia.

Americans don't travel to Elbonia except on business. All non-corporate Americans are ignorant of its existance.
We've moved all our call centers to Elbonia but we don't think anyone will notice.
by LGD May 19, 2004
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