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The most well rounded girl ever. Sweet, attractive, talented, outgoing, and very intelligent. She is destined to succeed and never gives up.
Everyone needs a friend like elanya
by The_pinkprint98 January 19, 2015
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Girl's name.

Well-rounded and generally good at everything! She is kind-hearted, good-looking, modest, attractive and fit, very intelligent, outgoing, good humoured but can be serious and overall is just an amazing person! She is the kind of girl you need in your life! She lights up any room and knows how to talk to anyone. Most people would describe her as 'perfect' which she brushes off and will make a joke about but it is sooo true! If you have an Elanya in your life, you are one lucky person! And let's just say... If they like you back, you are in for one hell of a treat!

Never take her for granted and once you have her, don't let her go! She is the nicest friend and best lover you can have!
Girl - that girl is soo good at everything! But I guess I still love her! She is a great friend
Guy - yeah!! She is soo beautiful and funny *drooling*

Guy 2 - I wish she was my girlfriend
Elanya- sorry guys, only one of you can have my undivided attention XD
by Xxmodestbeauty August 07, 2018
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