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Shes like a rose .She is the most amazing person you will ever meet . she is kind , caring and she loves whom love her back. She will care for you . she will be right by your side when you need her the most. but she can play with your mind she can play with it like its nothing .she loves to play. She only does this with people she feels like playing with never want to get on her bad side,you never want to say the wrong thing to her .. Becuase she will end up getting you back .she always does.she might look nice .she might not seem like the person to go after you . but really shes just waiting for the right time to burn your feelings into ashes .. She has alot to say when the time comes to say it.
She like a rose ..looks beautiful but she can hurt you if she feels like it..she keeps her mouth shut becuase she knows her words can cut like a knife
by True statements. March 31, 2017
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