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Elainie is a some what shy girl.She seems happy but usually has a dark past that she trys to keep hidden she has long brownish hair but cuts or short and loves to read because it helps her escape reality
Boy 1: did you see Elainie today? Boy 2: yeah that was crazy she tottaly beat his ass boy 1 :yeah I didn't think she could do that she is so short!
by Haleybubba February 09, 2018
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A cute, lovable girl who is in love with JHW. She is a freakin AWESOME cheerleader. WE LOVE U ELAINIE! :)
by Courtney Lyn November 24, 2007
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Elainie us a shy girl with a troubled past.she has dated one boy but broke up with him because she didn't want to hurt him.she puts on a fake smile every day and try to make others happy. She can handle anything but if you mess with her friends I wish you the best of luck
Wow did you see Elainie today
Yeah! She hit him in the face so hard I thought he would pass out
by Wordgirl3 March 03, 2018
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