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El Pup is what is called a Troll. He goes around facebook rejecting the fact that men and women are equal.

He is a sexist biggot. and his reply to this is :
"You have no argument that I am sexist. I am 100% sexist... My argument is I'M RIGHT.

And ALL women are dumb, sluts, whores, and bitches. I am merely using colorful adjectives to add to my VERY MANLY POINTS!

I do not mind name calling, I expect it out of the INFERIOR GENDER, but you have yet to prove my point WRONG, but instead just hurl insults as if they were facts"
Quotes From what el pup has said.

"It's not a man's problem. Pregnancy is 100% the woman's responsibility and problem 100% of the time."

"women are only good for sex and making babies."

"It's a woman's responsibility to protect herself from pregnancy. If a woman has the RIGHT to choose when she gets pregnant than she has a RESPONSIBILITY to make sure she does not."
by Sparkie3222 June 20, 2010
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an immature and small minded bigot who insults women and fights against women having basic rights
there is always at least one "el pup" on every facebook group promoting womens rights.
by littlenova133331 March 18, 2010
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