What the rest of the world knows as Ireland.
MR.Z: So you're from Ireland, eh?

Leprechaun: It's called Eire.
by Gumba Gumba February 26, 2004
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the best best friend anyone could ever have, she is nice, sweet, kind, lovely, and always have your back, so never loose her
by animalsloveyou February 12, 2015
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Eir is an extraordianry name. She is a kikgod and a heartbreaker. Eir is a person that actually have bad selfconfident, but all the people around her thinks she is is beautiful. When you first meet her, she is maybe a little shy, but when you know her, she is the most funny girl you have ever met with a heart of gold. A talented and open minded girl, but with an issue with finding the right guy is an Eir. If you get her to like you, you are extremely lucky because she have clear lines. She is open to everyone and you will love her and her laughter from the first time. It is positive to be an Eir. Tell her a secret and she kreeps it forever, talk to her about something diffocult and she will give you the best advice. She is a girl you want and that everyone should have in their life.
Oh! You’re an Eir? Well you are lucky.
You are so Nice to me! Are you an Eir?
by Xxxxbigdick October 21, 2019
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You are trying to do the tik tok trend where you take the first and last letter of your name away. Your trying to see how cool your new name is and your name is Keira.
"my new name is eir"
"eir is my new cool name"
by Molly002 June 22, 2020
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Was a bad bitch, Is a bad bitch, and will forever be a bad bitch😘
by Your mamas boyfriend z May 31, 2020
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Is the moat beautiful girl in the world and sometimes is a bitch but so Smart
Look she is eir!!! She is the best , I want to be her
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Beautiful stunning literal queen. She is sweet, funny, kind, and so hot. A straight up amazing person.
Omg look at that Eir over there🤩🤩🤩
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