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The same thing as flying fuck, only emphasized.
I do not give a flying Philadelphia fuck about you! Fuck a tree, asshole!
by Mr. E. James February 03, 2005

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Coined by this long-haired professor at a college in Colorado. Refers to 9/11 Twin Towers victims. Something about how they are/were part of some evil corporate machine/conspiracy thing. Taken from name Adolf Eichmann who oversaw The Final Solution under Adolf Hitler. The university has taken bullshit because of it.
Holy shit, you work in finance? You little Eichmann, you!
by Mr. E. James February 02, 2005

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A med developed to treat epilepsy. Prescribed commonly to treat anxiety disorders and related issues. Idiots like to abuse it in order to be "chill".
Once my Risperdol gave me a bad reaction, they switched me to Klonopin. Now, I can sleep at night. Rule.
by Mr. E. James February 06, 2005

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