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a complete and utter clown, fool, person that can't do anything correctly, a person that always makes a fool of themself
Hey Barry you big egit.
by jonny pooman March 17, 2003
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See idiot. Irish pronunciation of 'idiot' sounds like 'ee-jit'.
You are such an egit.
by James July 19, 2003
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(ee-jit) someone whose BBS posts are stunningly moronic, and who cannot seem to shut up; one who picks needless fights over minor grammar violations or other bits of minutiae
User 1: Who are you looking for? Which character?
User 2: Excuse me, but I believe the correct word is 'whom.'
User 3: Don't be an e-git. We all know what he means.
by BattleSchoolGraduate July 19, 2006
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an alternate to ejit in the Irish midlands it is pronounced with a hard g like ee-git
as in "he's an ojous egit" "stop egittin and get on with it"
by Cabhan May 03, 2006
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