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She is a really nice and constant - giggling girl. She has been given a great laugh and always uses it. She smiles and giggles every time. She has also been gifted with kindness and generousness. She may get a bit outsided quite easily but, with that smile and laugh, she can always conquer any challenge.
"Did you see edibe at schoo today"?
by AmazingAlishba May 16, 2018
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this is a beautiful Turkish girls name. edibe is loving and caring, she has the biggest and most beautiful eyes, and she has the squishiest face in the world. edibe loves reading books and her favourite drinks are water and lemonade. edibe is the most caring and sensitive person you will meet ( and she tends to cry a lot). if you are nice to her she will be the best friend that you never had.
shes sooo nice she seems like she could be called edibe.
by bobbylemons April 15, 2018
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