declaration used when one refuses a service to another with much contempt
Jess: Hey Alex, can you please help me move the living room couch.
Alex: Eat my balls!

Mike: Hey Alex, can you turn down the music, it's 4am.
Alex: Eat my balls!

James: Hey Alex, can you stop being such a douchebag?
Alex: Eat my balls!
by albobgim August 29, 2005
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Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater's catchphrase. He even hid it in a song in morse code. And he says it a lot too. I find it hilarious, and it can be used in the way you think it could be used.
Teacher - Now, you guys have a 10 page essay due in a week. Muhahahahah!!!

Student - Eat my ass and balls
by Jordan Rudess September 18, 2007
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One of the vulgar ways of saying go fuck yourself, with the others of course being suck my dick and eat my ass, possible some others.
Some man that's an asshole: I fucked your wife last night.
Some man that's not an asshole: Eat my balls.
by PhoenixGamer34 March 28, 2022
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