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3 definitions by albobgim

declaration used when one refuses a service to another with much contempt
Jess: Hey Alex, can you please help me move the living room couch.
Alex: Eat my balls!

Mike: Hey Alex, can you turn down the music, it's 4am.
Alex: Eat my balls!

James: Hey Alex, can you stop being such a douchebag?
Alex: Eat my balls!
by albobgim August 29, 2005
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when one, not being content with simply taking it to the dome, consumes an extreme amount of substance causing massive brain dysfunction that eventually leads to vomiting, blacking out, behaving extremely retarded, throwing a 5 dollar cheeseburger and milkshake that your friend generously paid for across the room, and even death.
Dude! You gonna take that to the dome???

Fuck that shit, I'm taking it beyond the dome!!! (chug, chug, chug) Motherfucker!!!
by albobgim June 23, 2005
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its a sperm cell
complemetary to:
Alex loves to have ~O with his cereal every morning
by albobgim June 22, 2005
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