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Noun: To get ready fastest, only to fail miserably; One who sacrifices for the other "worm's".

Adj: A person who fails fastest, due to his earlyness.
example one:
Mom: SON!! time to wake up. The early bird catches the worm.

Son: But mom! the early worm gets eaten.
Mom: On second thought, take your time getting up son.

example two
man#1: Holy shit! That noob just charged into the fight.

man#2: Dont worry, he is just an early worm.
by Gunwoo Yi July 18, 2008
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"The early worm gets up early to get eaten by the bird."
-Opposite of the early-bird.
GUY#1.) That man woke up early only to be eaten by big companies.

GUY#2.) He must be an early-worm.
by RiceMaker July 25, 2008
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