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Stupid shit that happens to you in EA's shitty games.
Man my Messi had a breakaway and fucking Eaids made him miss an open net
by FifaNigga January 02, 2014
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The type of AIDS you get given when playing EA Sports games, specifically any version of FIFA, from the absolute bullshit the game gives you.
"So, I lost 1-0 on career mode last night."

"Wow you must suck"

No fucking way! I had 21 shots on target and lost to my goalkeeper punching it in his own fucking goal! EA really have fisted me with EAids this time.
by Lord Dangleballs November 09, 2014
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EAids is a term used by players of EA Sports games, most notably FIFA players, to describe impossible shit that happens in the game most often in favor of shitty FIFA players. When one team goes ahead, the EAids cause debilitating idiocy to infect the winning teams players, causing them to do impossible and ignorant shit.
FML! I was just crushing this bromo 3-0 after 15:00 minutes and then my whole team got fucking EAids and I lost 3-4.
by HipHoppopotomus June 06, 2018
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