A person (particularly one at a rave) who takes extasy to the point of retardation (or so it seems).
"Havin fun at this rave?"
"I would be if it weren't for those e-tards constantly running into me!"
by squipple November 10, 2002
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A person who consumes large quantities of extasy on a regular basis and usually demonstrates a high level of stupidity from doing so.
Foreman-"5+5?....its 11 man...damn your an E-tard now eh"
Damien- "Oh seriously?....damn man i must be hit still."
by ETC_luv November 29, 2005
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Bob: Dude, my internet speed is so slow and buggy.
John: That's because you're an /e/tard, bro.
by Dark Macek October 30, 2011
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A person who has done too much extasy either heroin based or coke based or any X and has fucked up their brains too much, usually found at raves or in sniffing VICKS VAPOR RUB!
Man your such an E-tard why are you sniffing vicks vapor rub

man what are you t t ttalkin about im not on ex!
by Noah gyles May 2, 2006
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kids who act retarded because they have done to many e's. they do ecstacy at raves and their brains get holes in them so they act like idiots. real silly and dumb
1. yo those kids in the park are a bunch of e-tards
2. trevor started going to raves and getting high all the time. he lost his job and steals money. hes a huge e-tard
by little_miss September 29, 2006
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Some who has done too much ecstasy and goes to parties always on MDMA. Usually fascinated with bright colors.
That one kid with the bright plaid colored hat on over there. He talks way to slow he must be and E-Tard. Sheesh.
by next15onecominGUCCI August 11, 2009
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e-tarded, (Internet slang), adj.

1. The act of believing falsehoods read on the Internet as the truth, even when presented incontrovertible scientific facts to counter said beliefs. Typically used by progressives and liberals to describe those of conservative and/or conservative christian ideologies on issues of science and politics.

Origins unknown but now being more widely used. Most likely a modern Internet chat variant of etard.
That guy is so e-tarded, he thinks global climate change is a liberal conspiracy to take his SUV away.
by zenbeer March 10, 2007
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